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Good morning and what a beautiful day

Good Morning World !! 

I hope today brings you as much happiness as you desire.  

I love it when we wake and the sun is shiny,  it fills me with so much inspiring thoughts for the day. Now don’t worry, I love the rain as equally as much, it’s just a different kind of inspiration.  

The weather dictates a lot to the way that we feel, and it is a proven theory that when it’s windy, the children are are little more excitable, no one knows why this is, it’s just a theory, and I’ve worked in numerous settings to see that this theory is true  Hence why it’s said the sunshine makes you feel great, and I happen to agree.

Anyway, today’s plans for me are to resource buy,  I’ve spend so long compiling all my plans, it’s now time to take the next step ! 

It’s important to start the way you mean to go on, and that for me is to ensure everything is perfect for 3Trees. A tidy mind will help pave the way to a clearer outlook and future.

We can get so bogged down with our own thoughts and our own processes, that it’s hard to find a solution.  For me, I’ve had to learn to prioritize the element of control.  

Note down everything you feel is starting to take the strain, place them into lists – 

  • What can I control 
  • What can not be controlled 
  • What needs to be done asap
  • What can wait

This helps create a plan, which in turn helps to generate a new outlook, have a look outbreak qindow, take time to be in them moment.

Most of all breathe ! 

Calm slow breaths ! 

You can do this and you can achieve this ! 

Have a totally blessed day 


Creating a positive platform 

I am one of these annoying positive people, now don’t get me wrong, I have days of woe and solitude, but 90% of the time I like to be positive.

This frame of mind has taken a long time to develop, with any programme, it all takes time. Experts say that it takes 28 days (some say 30) to retrain the mind and change the way we think. 

So, starting on Monday, I need your help ! 

I’m hoping to put the theory to the test, each day (I shall do the same) comment below with one senario that started off negative, and you changed to a positive way of thinking.

They can be anything, there are no rules all I ask is that we remain polite and courteous.

Let’s make a change 

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