Living in the moment 

I’ve spent a lot of time studying the way children play. They amaze me how they are able to live in the moment. I watch the way my children play, interact and not have a thought about anything else but that moment, now! 

I had a discussion the other day about how I would have done things differently when I was a child. How a bit of snow made the energy change, to pure excitement and happiness.  How the field being open to play football was the highlight. How we enjoyed that moment.

It made us think that as children we would have cherished the moments more, enjoyed life a bit differently, but then it crossed my mind, that if we thought like that then we wouldnt be living in the moment we would be thinking about what we could do differently and change.  

This for me is a huge lesson in the way that we acted that way as a child because we were living in the moment at that time, embracing life as it is. 

Tomorrow I’m going to be more embracing, enjoying the sunshine, not thinking about tomorrow.

Just be in the moment 

Just being ! 


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