Another epiphany 

Well it’s been a while that’s for sure. I am still mulling over my life changes and whats happened this year.

It may all sound very cryptic but I’ll fill you in…….. 

It started with an idea, all great ideas need to start with a plan, this route seemed the best to start.

 Now once the plan was in place it transpired that greed overcame loyalty. I’m ok with that, but time and time again it’s always the person who shouts the loudest that gets heard.

My main desire in life is to help people, allow them to find their vocation and their purpose. I thought I had found that same vision with a friend. Now I’m the sort of person who is open to ideas and plans and I embrace them. 

However, when you spend time developing a business to be then asked to simply be an employee is quite frankly a little bit insulting. Now I’m over the formalities but it appears that in this life people are very quick to call the victim card. I have no desire to call that, I am my own person and I make my own choices. Communication plays a huge part in our lives, but why do we find it so hard to communicate? 
All great problems can be solved or at least aired if people talked to each other.

Another gripe is that of social media, now my last post was liberating in the sense that I had given it up, I can assure you that, that didn’t last long and it wasn’t long after I was back on the social media train. 

Just lately I am beginning to realise why I initially decided to come off, it’s a sad world we live in, where people who appear to be your friend, hide their social life from you, block status updates and so forth. This is where I found my control.

I do not have to have people on my social media who I don’t want. I don’t need to feel guilty for ‘unfriending’ them, for them to subsequently ‘blocking’ me, I mean seriously???.

I then asked myself – 

When did life get so trivial?

And it’s right, it’s time to stop sweating the small stuff. There is so much more out there in the big wide world. I need to embrace my life, and all that’s great in it. I am no longer going to allow people who provide nothing to my life, to allow me to feel guilty. I have so much more that a screen. 

But remember, it’s good to get it all off your chest once in a while. Xx 

Much love x 


Social media senario 

Hi guys 

I know it’s been a while since I last posted, as I’ve been struck down with a bug. We all need time every now and then to recharge and get well, well this was my time. 

As days progress I think about my life as a child, what I did for entertainment, how we played and what resources we had, and then it dawned on me, that we didn’t have all this social media. We had toys and imagination.  Something I find is missing in a 21st century child. I myself have had enough of social media, the endless scrolling through nothing and repeated posts, the addiction to picking up your phone or tablet, for me this has to change .

 Now I understand word press can be categorised into maybe a small proportion of social media, I feel it’s more of an outlet. Anyway my point. …

I’ve taken a break from social media

I said it out loud and I love it. 

Every day I spend time on mainly facebook, I wake up and I check to see what’s been happening through the night, the answer ……..is nothing. 

I checked to see if my friends had posted. ……..another subliminal insult.

I look and see, the constant reassurance and constant digs of ‘I’m better than you’. 

Now I get told not to let it affect me, but the reality is that it does. I have no idea why, nor do I wish to delve into the reasons for that, but I just can’t keep being held prisoner to the social media platform …..

Today I am free. 

Have a blessed evening 

S x 


I am focused 


Today is going to be amazing.  I have woken up super early today, my mind wants to start working and progressing, it’s fascinating that the way we expand our minds more, generates this thirst for more. 

It’s so easy to allow yourself to think negative of yourself, have doubt about the path that you are on. I  here to say it’s going to be ok, the first step in any new direction is always the hardest, the hard work comes after the first step. Keep yourself in check by relaying a positive vibe. This is the one I use below 

You are focused and you are positive . Have a blessed day 


In a world full of judgement 


Well the last few weeks have been rather odd. I have been discovering a lot about myself on a lot of levels. The joy of mindfulness is that once you start on this journey of self-discovery, it so addictive.

I have learned to accept that I need to think about what I am doing , what my journey is.  It’s taken a while to allow underhanded people move forward on their journey, because that is their path. 

I have allowed people to believe what they hear from one perspective, because I do not need to explain myself, nor should they question my choices, it’s not been an easy path and sometimes I have felt like confronting them, but then I take myself to my mindful place, reaffirm with my positive attitude and continue on MY journey.

The angle im taking here is that no matter what, people will always do what’s best for them, sometimes in malice and sometimes in kindness, but that’s ok. It’s for them to continue, I am blessed with my life, I have so many positive aspects, I’ve just changed the way I think. 

If you need help find me on Facebook – 3Trees Mindfulness 


Living in the moment 

I’ve spent a lot of time studying the way children play. They amaze me how they are able to live in the moment. I watch the way my children play, interact and not have a thought about anything else but that moment, now! 

I had a discussion the other day about how I would have done things differently when I was a child. How a bit of snow made the energy change, to pure excitement and happiness.  How the field being open to play football was the highlight. How we enjoyed that moment.

It made us think that as children we would have cherished the moments more, enjoyed life a bit differently, but then it crossed my mind, that if we thought like that then we wouldnt be living in the moment we would be thinking about what we could do differently and change.  

This for me is a huge lesson in the way that we acted that way as a child because we were living in the moment at that time, embracing life as it is. 

Tomorrow I’m going to be more embracing, enjoying the sunshine, not thinking about tomorrow.

Just be in the moment 

Just being ! 


All in a days work

Hi positive people 

I do hope you’ve all had a wonderful week so far.  

Mindfulness is on the rise and more people are adapting a mindful attitude, I have tried really hard this week to ensure my attitude remains positive and mindful. 

This proves difficult sometimes when the constraints of daily life play their part. Remind yourself that it’s ok to have bad days, you don’t have to be Mindful all the time. Give yourself a break.  I ask myself 

How am I feeling ?

I’ve said this before about how we forget to ask ourselves how were feeling. Now is the time ! 

I am tired

I am frustrated 

I am unusually calm 

A few emotions that I am feeling, yes I’m tired and yes I’m frustrated but also unusually calm. This helps me establish that although I feel this way, I am still calm.  It’s a useful tool to work with, and once your in tune with your emotions your able to recognise the way forward. 

Live for now, not what may be 🙂


Wednesday Already 


I can not believe it’s already midweek, this week has flew by. I have achieved a lot this week already,  closing a few doors and opening new ones. 

The good thing about closing one chapter is the lessons you have learned from them. I try to reflect as much as I can on the situations and what I could have done to change the outcome.  Now I’m all about being mindful and living in the moment, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to reflect, it’s what you do with the reflection that matters.

We all have a past and it’s what defines us, use the lessons learned and apply them to everyday life 

Feel free to message me on Facebook if you feel I can help you. 

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Tuesday truth or truthful Tuesday 


I hope you had a blessed Monday ? 

Now just to give you a little insight into my positive thinking, I thought I’d let you know how my week goes and what I do to try and keep positive.

I’ve done my Monday and noted down what I want to achieve this week and what steps I need to take to keep the positivity flowing.

Tuesday I like to working through truthfuls, this for me is a really good process for honesty and really being honest with myself. It takes five minutes to stop and think about a situation. 

  • Is it achievable ?
  • Am I doing my best for that situation
  • Do I need to do anything else ?
  • Can I ask for help? Do I need to? 

The most important one for me is 

How am I feeling ?

I’ve highlighted this because we don’t tend to ask ourselves how we are feeling, we ask everyone else, but never ourselves.

So today – How do you feel? 

See what you think?

Have a blessed day 

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Mindful Monday

Good Morning,

I hope your all looking forward to this wonderful opportunity.

Yes, Mondays may not be the best day of the week for a lot of people and there it a stigma attached to Monday, being the worse day of the week. 

I absolutely love Mondays ! 

Monday for me in the chance to start the week afresh,  make use of the opportunities it brings, a chance to wipe the slate clean. 

How can this help me ? 

It’s a process that’s going to take a while to get used to, and a new mindset achieved.  

Ask yourself – 

  • What can I do that’s new this week ?
  • What problem, if any can I solve?  
  • What new challenge can I set myself ? 

For me,  these simple tasks each Monday help me gain a clear perspective, I understand it’s not that easy to do alone, so this is why I wish to help. 

Check out the Facebook page (it’s currently lacking in likes) and message me !! 

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Good morning and what a beautiful day

Good Morning World !! 

I hope today brings you as much happiness as you desire.  

I love it when we wake and the sun is shiny,  it fills me with so much inspiring thoughts for the day. Now don’t worry, I love the rain as equally as much, it’s just a different kind of inspiration.  

The weather dictates a lot to the way that we feel, and it is a proven theory that when it’s windy, the children are are little more excitable, no one knows why this is, it’s just a theory, and I’ve worked in numerous settings to see that this theory is true  Hence why it’s said the sunshine makes you feel great, and I happen to agree.

Anyway, today’s plans for me are to resource buy,  I’ve spend so long compiling all my plans, it’s now time to take the next step ! 

It’s important to start the way you mean to go on, and that for me is to ensure everything is perfect for 3Trees. A tidy mind will help pave the way to a clearer outlook and future.

We can get so bogged down with our own thoughts and our own processes, that it’s hard to find a solution.  For me, I’ve had to learn to prioritize the element of control.  

Note down everything you feel is starting to take the strain, place them into lists – 

  • What can I control 
  • What can not be controlled 
  • What needs to be done asap
  • What can wait

This helps create a plan, which in turn helps to generate a new outlook, have a look outbreak qindow, take time to be in them moment.

Most of all breathe ! 

Calm slow breaths ! 

You can do this and you can achieve this ! 

Have a totally blessed day